Miranda Thompson

I was two the first time my dad took me sailing, and I've been in love with it ever since. Prior to coming to Mudd, all of my sailing experience was on small boats, so I've enjoyed learning how to sail larger ones (especially the 42-footer we took to Catalina last year). When I'm at home I work on fixing up my ancient Sunfish. It still needs a lot of work, but the hull no longer leaks!


Jonpaul Littleton

My first sailing experiences are sailing with my grandfather along the east coast. Since then there was a long gap when I did not sail. However, since high school I have gone sailing on small lakes in the mountains of NC and TN on a 18 ft Hobie Cat. Since coming to HMC I have gone on numerous trips in Long Beach along with three trips to Catalina. I have enjoyed learning how to sail the larger boats, although the extremely high winds on the last Catalina trip have satisfied my needs for large boats on high sees for a long time.

Club Adviser:

 Darryl Yong

Previous Officers:


David Scott

Club Founders:

The Harvey Mudd sailing club has existed for decades, but it was not active for much of the 200s. It was re-founded in 2011 by Max Friefeld, Erik Littleton, and Matthew Cannistrano.

Commodore: Max Friefled

I started sailing when I was 10 because all of my friends were doing it. At the time I had no idea how much I would fall in love with everything about sailing. Since my humble beginning on the 8ft Sabot dinghy, I have sailed Lasers, FJ's, and presently crew on a Shock 34' known as Lulu. During the school year and over the summer I race with Lulu out of Long Beach; I have participated in harbor races, and overnight races from Santa Barbara and Catalina. I am on a quest to learn as much as I can about sailing, an effort that will eventually help me sail around the world! Consequently, one of my favorite books is Hal Roth's How to Sail Around the World. I strongly recommend this humble and informative text to anyone interested.
    My goals for the future of this club are to share my love of sailing by getting people out on the water as often as possible. I want to revive this club and make it one of the more popular organizations on campus. I have two more years and a lot of ideas to get this done, and any recommendations are welcome.         


Fleet Captain: Erik Littleton

  In the eighth grade I built an 8ft sailboat from plywood, epoxy, and fiberglass. I then sewed a sail out of dacron. I regularly sail in the summer months on a small lake near my house. I am currently working on building a 14ft stitched seam catamaran. I have the side panels cut out and a jig built. The biggest challenge for this boat is how to sew the sail. This boat will be much faster and should be tons of fun!

Racing Captain: Matthew Cannistrano

Miranda Thompson,
Sep 4, 2014, 3:15 PM