ASHMC Charter

ASHMC Club Charter for the Harvey Mudd College Sailing Club

Article 1. NAME
The name of this organization shall be "Harvey Mudd College Sailing Club" or "Sailing Club" for short.

Article 2. PURPOSE
The purpose of this organization is to provide sailing experiences for the students of Harvey Mudd, and to promote sailing in general.

The club is open to all students currently enrolled in Harvey Mudd College. Faculty, staff, and HMC Alumni are also welcomed. All others may participate in club activities as guests of club members.

Commodore - is the executive manager of the organization. Final responsibility for all club business rests with this officer.

Steward - is the club's secretary, treasurer, and historian. All membership records are kept by this officer, as are all financial records.

Fleet Captain - is responsible for the management of the current fleet. This includes scheduling usage and maintenance of the boats.

Racing Captain - is responsible for organizing races and training. It is his/her responsibility to see that Sailing Club is represented in appropriate races and that we maintain good relations with other schools in our racing association.

The above officers are the Club's executive committee. A person may hold more than one office, and more than one person may work together to fill one office.

The club will also retain a Faculty Advisor.

Members of the club who have been given certified as capable of handling a club boat safely and correctly may be given the title Skipper. The title Skipper may not necessarily mean the member is qualified for all club boats and sail configurations. Any fully qualified Skipper may check out a club member as a Skipper, imposing limits on the new Skipper's liberties as necessary.

Article 5. FINANCES
Harvey Mudd College, in support of our program, carries insurance that protects the club against liability and hull damage. Members of the Sailing Club may be assessed dues for specific outings, set by the Executive Committee. Because running a sailing club is very expensive, students cannot be expected to support the club entirely through dues. Rather, dues are assessed to defray costs of racing and normal operation, and to get an indication of personal commitment from members.

The rest of the funding for the Sailing Club is requested from the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College. The Sailing Club requests funding on the basis of projected membership and past contribution from ASHMC.

The Steward bears direct responsibility for the finances, and it is her/his responsibility to keep the books accurate and up to date. The Steward and Faculty Advisor have "signature control" over all club accounts. The HMC Director of Business Services also supervises accounts held by Harvey Mudd College for the Sailing Club. The Executive Committee, in cooperation with the Faculty Advisor, will authorize all expenditures.

No member, officer or guest of this ASHMC chartered organization shall be selected, dismissed or discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexual preference, national origin, or political affiliation.